How To Fix ACMarket Not Installed 

One of the most irritating feelings is when you download an application, install it and before the installation process gets completed, it shows an error. The error reads “Error installing ACMarket” and you wonder where you have gone wrong. It is the last step before you use ACMarket and make the most of its use, which makes it that much more irritating. But there are ways through which you can solve this problem.

Error installing ACMarket

Let’s discuss them one by one:

Clearing Package Installer Data 

One of the first solutions that you can try is to clear off the entire package installer data. You have to go to the settings of your device and go to the “apps” section. Go to the system option that is available there. You will find an option named “Package Installer”, you will be required to tap on it. Once you do so, you need to clear the data and the cache completely from your device. It’s a common solution that can work in a lot of cases. 

Enable Unknown Sources 

The next thing that you can try to do is enable the unknown sources. It is one of the common solutions which you might have tried already. In case you don’t know how it works, we can guide you step by step. You have to enter the settings of your phone and click on Security. You will then be required to click on unknown sources. Enable applications from unknown sources and you will be able to install the application once you try again. 

Solution For Rooted Device 

In case you have rooted your device already, the problem might not be solved so easily for you. It would require a different method to get the job done. First of all, open a browser on your device. Once you have done so, you will have to find a root explorer app. It can be a bit tricky since you are required to find a quality root explorer app. In order to do so, you will have to research things nicely before you reach a conclusion. Once you’re satisfied with an application, download it to your device. You will have to copy the APK of ACMarket and go to the system. Enter the root explorer app and make sure you give it all the permissions. Now that you have followed these steps carefully, shut down the settings of your device. It is almost sure to work in case you have a rooted device. If it isn’t, you should ignore this solution completely as it won’t work at all. 

Clear Your Device 

Instead of clearing just the data of the package installer, you might have to clear your device completely. You should follow this step only if clearing the data of the package installer and enabling Unknown sources have not worked for you. You should also see if there are other data on your device that’s more useful for you. You can also backup such data if the installation of ACMarket is so important for you. 

Concluding: Fix ACMarket Not Installed

You can use any of these methods and we are pretty sure that one of them would solve the issue. 

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